Oh No! I’ve got Barnacles on my Dink!

Cruising Lesson #753 – If you leave your dink in the water (Chesapeake) for 2 months, you will be sorry!

Barnacles on my Dink!

Barnacles on my Dink!

OK, lesson learned!

After much hosing & scraping by Maria/Ada & I in the heat of the day, she’s almost back to normal.
BTW, for anyone that was not aware, as I was not, a 2×4 makes a great barnacle scraper! A fellow cruiser mentioned it to me in passing and it worked beautifully! Well, it was actually a piece of scrap 4×4 I found in the boat yard, but you get the point!

Our dink is almost back to normal!

Almost back to normal!

Based on some info I found on the Cruisers & Sailing forum, I’m going to try some vinegar to see if I can get the final residue off… right now, it looks like the dink is made of alligator skin!

If that doesn’t work, then I’ll take it up a notch and try Muriatic Acid. If that doesn’t work, then I we’ll simply tell people that it is made of Alligator skin… that I wrestled myself of course!

Till next time,

Carlos & Maria
SV Rocinante…_/)