Lilo’s Streetfood & Bar – Update

Lilo’s Streetfood & Bar – ⭐️⭐️⭐️

A nice easy .6 mile walk from the Snook Island dinghy docks. (26° 36′ N, 80° 2′ W)
701 Lake Ave, Lake Worth, FL 33460

2nd Visit – Updated Review

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Well, I find myself forced to downgrade our rating to 3 stars perhaps even down to 2 stars based on our second visit to Lilo’s.
Our waitress was ok; professional, friendly and courteous, but no where near as experienced as the waitress from our first visit. While we already knew it, she did not take the time to explain about their “family style” service, she was not very familiar with the menu and we were constantly trying to get her attention. BTW, they were no more crowded than they were during our first visit.

As usual, we tried similar dishes looking for consistency, and unfortunately, there was none.
The chips were fine and the guacamole was ok, but the pico de gallo was lacking; the tomatoes were mealie, the cilantro had no flavor and the overall consistency was runny.

The house margarita was aweful – yes, awful! The quality of the tequila they used for these was obviously subpar, especially when compared to the ones we had enjoyed on our first visit.

We decided to not risk the raw seafood this time around and opted to try several of their tacos – we had truly enjoyed the pulled pork tacos last time… well, these too were disappointing!
The “spicy beef” tacos were the worst, consisting of dry, crumbly “ground beef” that simply had no flavor to speak of. The fried chicken taco was not bad, but the dominant flavor was not fried chicken, but rather bacon. I will say that the BBQ pulled pork was still very good, except for the fact that it was poorly constructed… as silly as it might sound; far too much pork! This made for a taco that not only was difficult to eat, but left you with a mouthful of pulled pork, not the perfect balance of flavors and textures we had experienced during our first visit.

The bottom line:

Lilo’s Streetfood & Bar failed to impress us on our second visit. Considering the huge discrepancy in our findings, we will visit them one more time and report back.

Carlos & Maria
S/V Rocinante

For those of you not familiar with our process, we will typically visit a particular restaurant 2-3 times in order to get a real sense of the place.