Hanse 400e doing “Sea Doughnuts”! 6

Please forgive the quality of the video – it was 2006 and I took it using my little Canon powershot. That said, it certainly managed to capture the fun we were having!

We had just finished installing the Auto Pilot on our new Hanse 400e and took her out so we could do the calibrations. Well, while we were out, we couldn’t help but take her for a “spin” – please forgive the expletive at the end, I just couldn’t contain myself!

That’s my buddy George “That Boatguy” at the helm, me filming and you can make out Ada/Maria in the background yelling; “We’re going to die! We’re going to die!”

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Carlos & Maria
S/V Rocinante

  • Ronette

    That looked like so much fun!!! I want to do that.

    • SVRocinante

      lol! While silly, it was a lot of fun – glad you enjoyed the clip!

  • Philip Levine

    Thumbs Up!!!

    • SVRocinante

      lol! Thanks Phil!

  • Bill

    Magic, was hanging on for dear life

    • SVRocinante

      Lol Bill!
      Glad you enjoyed… really looking forward to capturing some high quality video going forward, but true, it was still magic!